2017 Sport fishing regulations - Area 7

Species Areas Min Size Gear Limits
Chinook Salmon 7,107 45cm Barbless Hook & Line 2/4/30 Open
Chum Salmon 7,107 30cm Barbless Hook & Line 4/8/- Open
Coho Salmon (Hatchery & Wild Combined) 7,107 30cm Barbless Hook & Line 4/8/- Open
Pink Salmon 7,107 30cm Barbless Hook & Line 4/8/- Open
Sockeye Salmon 7,107   Barbless Hook & Line 0/0/- Closed
Halibut 7,107   Hook and Line, Spear 1/2/6 Open until Dec 31
Lingcod 7,107   Hook and Line, Spear 2/4/- Open until Nov 15
Rockfish, All Species Combined 7,107   Hook and Line, Spear 3/6/- Open until Nov 15
Crab, Dungeness 7,107 165mm Dip Net, Hand Picking, Ring Net, Traps (Crab) 6/12/- Open

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Species Areas Measure Type Measure Value
Salmon Coastwide Daily Limit Pieces 4
Chinook Salmon Coastwide Daily Limit Pieces 2
  Coastwide Reminder Keeping your chinook salmon? You must record (in ink) all retained catch on your Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence.
Coho Salmon (Hatchery) Coastwide Reminder Hatchery coho (marked): Coho salmon with a healed scar in place of the adipose fin.
Halibut 7,107 Maximum Length Head On (cm) 133 cm
    Reminder Only one (1) of the two (2) halibut in your possession may be greater than 83 cm in overall length. The licence holder shall record immediately in ink on their licence all retained halibut caught in any Management Area.
Crab Coastwide Gear Restriction  
    Reminder Keep navigation channels clear of buoys and lines. Any fishing gear that interferes with safe navigation can be removed under the Navigation Protection Act.
Crab Coastwide Gear Restriction  
  7,107 Reminder Combined daily limit for Dungeness crab, red rock crab, box crab, Puget Sound king crab and all other king crab is 6.
Crab, Dungeness Coastwide Packaging and Transporting In order to be accurately measured, the carapace of Dungeness crab that you catch must remain attached until the crab arrives at your residence or it is consumed.
    Sex Restriction It is prohibited to possess female Dungeness crabs
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